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As I sit here watching “Taxi” I realize that I’ve been completely remiss in talking about the reason for my participation in Blogathon! Heifer International is a great organization that doesn’t just throw money at the problem, but seeks to find a solution.

Your sponsorship donation is very specific. When I participated in the Blogathon in 2003 I donated $120 towards trees (that covered my own donation AND my matches that I promised my sponsors in the later hours of the Blogathon). Those trees get planted in barren places that need the trees for a variety of reason -whether it is soil control, or to provide future fencing for animals, firewood or even food. But that’s not all Heifer does – they also provide training in the local regions to help those getting the donations know what to do with them. To continue with the tree example, in Peru, 12 families were trained at the local university to process the fruit of the algarrobo trees planted years before by Heifer and found their income increased 25%.

And that’s just ONE example.

If you think you might want to sponsor, just $10 is all you need to commit. Most gifts to Heifer come in $10 amounts and a couple come in $20 and $50.

Which reminds me:

A note to my current sponsors – if you sponsored me for an “odd” increment (i.e., $15 or $25), just donate the lesser amount ($10 or $20) and I’ll combine all of the extra $$ into a donation that I make to Heifer myself after the Blogathon. Either way, you’re total sponsorship will still qualify for the pet food matching that I was going to do. So far I have 25 cans going to my local animal shelter, which is awesome!

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  1. I will bump my donation up to $20. How do I do that? Should I just go back and donate 5 more dollars??

  2. Yeah, I’ll bump up too.

    Jennifer, you can’t officially bump up the amount at the b’thon site. Just do it when you actually donate to Heifer Int’l.

  3. Either way, I’ve marked it on THIS page even if the main Blogathon page doesn’t. And since you two are each bumping up another $5 I’ll donate a can of pet food for each increase. :cheer:

  4. Hey, just clicking around the blogathon ring and found yours. Nice to see another person pulling for Heifer Project International. I just hit my goal of a total of $30, which is like nowhere near you, but still… My goal was a box o’ bees, and so I have accomplished it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Aaron – thanks for stopping through! A box of bees is a great thing to buy at Heifer! That’s great that you got some sponsorships to do that! Hope you are able to finish out the night! :beerchug:

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