My Boys Prevail!

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how happy I am that Jay London did not make it to the final three. The cut show tonight was painful to watch when it came time for him to do his routine. The audience barely laughed (although the audience and I agreed that his “overcast” joke was funny and we all laughed at that one).

I’m also upset that Kathleen Madigan is gone – as soon as they paired her with Jon Heffron I knew she was going home – which is so sad.

However, I have to say that I’m VERY pleased with the final three – they are all pretty even with the funny, and it’ll be a difficult decision to make when we get to vote again.

But I admit I’m leaning towards Heffron.

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  1. Whyyyyy didn’t Kathleen get through ;_; Gary is way more unfunny than her. If only she took his place, I’d be 100% happy.

    At least Jay didn’t beat Alonzo, then I would have been super angry. Anyways, Now I’m pulling for Alonzo to win. Goooo Alonzo.

  2. i really don’t care for gary, or kathleen, or hefron. alonzo, jay, and tammy would have been a good final 3, in my opinion. i knew when they put jay up against alonzo that jay was out.

    jay has a wry sense of humor which really makes me laugh. alonzo really makes me laugh too, but i’m not really sure why. the others don’t make me laugh at all.

    thus, my prediction is that alonzo will be the “LCS”.

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