My Boneheaded Moves

I think I posted a couple days ago about accidentally sending off four bills with only 39 cents in postage. Can I just tell you that as of this morning THREE of them have cleared my checking account? I am dumbfounded. And yes, one of those was the MORTGAGE check!!! That’s AWESOME because that was the one I was most concerned about. The only check that hasn’t cleared yet is the check for the timeshare dues. But if that one is late I’m not too worried about it, since it’s just dues.

My other bonehead move came earlier this week. I let Cooper out into the backyard one morning and went back upstairs to finish getting ready for work. When I came down 30 minutes later I found the door standing wide open. I also saw Mini outside the door, peeking in as I shouted to Denis in PANIC that the cats were loose (our cats are strictly indoors). I calmly walked to the door and ushered Mini in (which was a miracle in itself because she’s VERY skittish and easily could have run away as I approached the door). I quickly closed the door and the hunt was on. And short – turns out, Stinky (the one I figured made a run for it) and Freddie (her stalker) were hanging out in the other room – in view of the open door, but completely ignorant of it. I’m fairly positive that they both went out and came back. So now we had to find Ginger. I was FREAKING OUT. CootieGirl was in the kitchen and as I left I asked her to look outside and see if she saw a white cat. Before I could run upstairs I heard her say, “I see the cat, Mama! The white cat is outside!” I ran back to the door and opened it, to find a very scared Ginger standing by the back door, a ferocious meow on her lips at being locked out. With great relief I let her back in. I think it’s a MIRACLE that all four cats were located within 30 seconds of me finding the open door.

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  1. The Post Office can be lenient with those stamp issues, sometimes. 🙂 I’ve seen mail delivered with no postage/not enough postage. Once, I had mail returned that had no postage…but it was returned because of a bad address. lol
    Oh, and I work in our company mailroom, in case you needed some context.

  2. Well sure enough – the last check cleared last night. So they ALL got delivered with only 39 cents in postage. That’s AWESOME. Not that I’m going to start doing that from now on, but at least I know if I do it by accident I’ve got a SHOT at having it delivered nonetheless!

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