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Geez, my Blogroll is huge. I took a few moments to move my BlogExplosion discoveries into my Blogroll and now it’s HUGE. Sure, it’s not as big as my sister’s, but for me it’s pretty big.

AND, I haven’t even moved all my current blogmarks at BE into the list yet – I only moved in the ones I had actually written down here at Cootiehog. I have at least another dozen blogmarked at BE that I need to add a link to.

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  1. In the beginning I only had a few blogs I’d check out each day, and that would only take me half an hour, or less! Now I go through my list and the laundry piles up, the kids are waiting for dinner and my husband is neglected…You could say that I need to get a life but I already have one, I just don’t have time for it! Come to my newly redecorated blog – I’m trying to find unusual menus – do you know of any! Thanks!

  2. I think I’m almost offended that you think my blogroll is obscenely huge. But then I looked and I realized that it is. *sigh* And that doesn’t even count the reciprocal roll that’s not working right now.

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