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Apparently I forgot that last Thursday was my six-year blogaversary! For some reason I thought the 22nd was the starting date, but it was the 17th. SIX YEARS people. A lot has happened in six years!

Six years ago Denis and I were DINKs, lived in our first house – had only been in it for nine months. We only had four cats and we took lots of vacations (at least two a year), and were just starting to get back into going to church after a long time away due to lack of good churches in Queens. Denis was new to living in suburbia, and driving a car, and big grocery stores, and toll roads. We bouight the domain name and started a blog as a way to communicate with friends and family who didn’t live near us.

And here we are six years later. Living in South Carolina, with two kids (one about to start kindergarten in the fall), four cats and one dog, completely adjusted to suburban life. We take less vacations and now have to plan for not just who is going to take care of the animals but who’s going to watch the kids. We now have FOUR domains that we own and blog on (Denis had two more but let them die when he left real estate).

Six years. In six years I’ve gained a lot of weight (but am slowly losing it), I’ve had dozens of hairsyles and hair colors, I’ve had three jobs, and three cars (when we had kids we traded our one car up to two bigger cars, and then when my Ford truck died I got a new car). And through it all I’ve been blogging almost every day about every minute detail of our lives. Well, almost every detail – after all, my parents do read this blog.

Here’s to six more!

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