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Sorry it’s taken me so long to post today – my temp replacement while on maternity leave is here training today and tomorrow, which means no internet time for Jaynee. However, she ran downstairs to get some fresh air so I’m going to pop in and post my thoughts on American Idol before she comes back.

First of all, Carmen Rasputin (thanks to Ace for the last name suggestion over “What’s-Her-Name”) is damn lucky she is still on that frickin’ show. How she did not place in the bottom three I just don’t know. She sucked two weeks in a row – she should have been off if they truly used both weeks of votes to make their determination.

And based on the lowest three last night (Kim Locke, Kim Caldwell and Rickey Smith), it should have been Kimberly Caldwell who was the second worst after Carmen Rasputin. So imagine my shock and dismay when Rickey was announced as the one going home. How not fair is that? Sure, his rendition of “Endless Love” wasn’t a keeper, but it was definitely not worth getting the shaft by America’s voters. Who are these pathetic people calling in and NOT putting Carmen in the bottom three?

At first I thought that Jooo-lia DeMato was this year’s Nikki McKibben, but I take it all back – that distinct honor goes to Carmen. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that in a singing contest between Nikki and Carmen – NIKKI WOULD WIN. That’s how bad I think Carmen is.

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  1. Wait. a. minute.

    I think you need to relisten to Nikki’s stuff from last year. She is way worse than Carmen.

    Now I agree that Carmen is probably the worst of this bunch, but she’s not worse than Nikki. Not by a long shot.

  2. Mom, this I know. That’s the joke – I deliberately haven’t used her real name because I honestly didn’t think she’d last this long, thus necessitating me using her actual last name. I’ll probably go back to calling her “Whats-Her-Name”…

  3. the only reson carmen is on the shpow is because people think shes cute. I hate her yodelling

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