My 2015 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015Happy New Year! Were you up late partying last night, or were you in bed before Ryan Seacrest showed you a camera shot of Time Square emptying out?

Here’s another question for you: Do you make new year’s goals or resolutions? I usually try not to. That’s because I know my penchant for STARTING projects but rarely FINISHING them. But this year I’m going to go ahead and write down some goals/resolutions and at year’s end we’ll see how I did.

1) Clean up the home office – I mentioned this a couple weeks ago. Our office here at home is a mess. 2015 will be the year that we clean it up and do some serious decluttering.

2) Clean out the garage – our garage is not much better. There’s probably a lot of stuff in that garage that we no longer need. So I’m giving Denis and myself 12 months to get it cleaned out a bit.

3) Begin walking/jogging/running again – I did so well in 2013, but not so much in 2014. In 2013 I tracked 96 walks/runs in my Runtastic profile and I didn’t start until June. For all of 2014 it was a paltry 34. Time to get back in gear. Goal: 200 tracked walks/runs in 2015.

4) Post a minimum of 2x a week here at Cootiehog. That’s a minimum of twice a week. I hope to post more than that, obviously.

5) Lose weight. Isn’t that on everyone’s list? Seriously, I shouldn’t even list it. Even someone with only 10 pounds to lose puts it on their resolution list. But I’ve got more than 10 pounds to lose, sooo…..

6) Do another Facebook fast from October 1 – November 30.

7) Read more than 40 books by December 31.

8. Read through the entire Bible (except for Leviticus and Numbers!) in 90 days. I’m starting that one today. I got special dispensation from the accountability group I joined NOT to read Leviticus and Numbers. I’ve read Leviticus before and half of Numbers. But at some point those books just become way too mired down in detail, and are tough to get through. Denis told me I should listen to the CDs of the Bible being read by famous actors – it’s possible that when I get to those books I’ll see about using the CDs to get through those two books so I can truly say I read the whole Bible versus saying I read 95% of it.

I could probably come up with a few more, but I think having eight goals/resolutions is enough. Because the overall theme for 2015 is to FINISH things I start, remember?

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