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Last night our church as an Arts Team meeting – it was supposed to include all band members, singers, drama team, interactive & sound techs and artists. I’m in the band and sing, and when I walked in (5 minutes late) the meeting was already in gear and I was the sole representation of the band/singers! ARG! Fortunately, they didn’t expect me to play last night (considering that I haven’t played with the band since just before CootieBoy was born). Christopher merely handed me the music I’d need to practice and sent me on my way.

But it’s looking good – for the past year we’ve only had the keyboard and a guitar, but he’s recruited enough people to have TWO bands rotate and intermix so that no one person is overwhelmed with responsibility. Rehearsals will be on Tuesday nights since most of the band guys are in their early 20s and don’t want to give up their Friday nights.

Which means my weeks are getting busy:

Mon-Fri – work all day (generally out of the house from 7 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
Monday – free night
Tuesday – band rehearsal
Wednesday – small group
Thursday – Ace & Anthony over for Survivor night
Friday – free night
Saturday – free day
Sunday – church stuff

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