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I tried to post this at 1:55 but couldn’t get connected:

I did my mail merge. It was actually not as bad as I feared. And yes, I just posted my complaint about it 20 minutes ago. Five minutes of complaining over a 15 minute job. Hey – it’s what I do, people.

So now I just have the contacts and the expenses to do. Not so bad. Man, I need to learn to hold off on the complaints a bit until I’m sure it’s worth complaining about!

But I digress. The intent of this post was to talk about what I thought of this morning. It’s been done to death, but I thought of my all-time Top 10 records/CDs/albums (whatever one wishes to call them) and thought I’d post it here.

In no particular order:

1. The Who – Tommy
2. The Beatles – White Album
3. Annie Lennox – Diva
4. Linda Perry – In Flight
5. Soundtrack – West Side Story
6. Soundtrack – Xanadu
7. Abba – Gold
8. Bjork – Debut
9. Journey – Greatest Hits
10. Keith Green – No Compromise

Those are ten albums that I could listen to over and over again and never grow tired of.

Honorable mention to :
11. School of Fish – School of Fish
12. Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule
13. Oasis – What’s The Story, Morning Glory
14. Prince – Purple Rain
15. Big Audio Dynamite – The Globe

Heck, at this point I should just make it a Top 20 of all time, should I?

16. The Monkees – Head
17. October Project – October Project
18. The Who – Who’s Next
19. U2 – Rattle & Hum
20. Soundtrack – Amadeus

There you go. My all-time Top 20 records that I could listen to over and over again without ever getting bored of them.

How about you?

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  2. you’ve got to add Squeeze’s “Singles” and Bryan Ferry’s “Boys and Girls” to the list–

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