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I haven’t updated on my music project in a while. For those that don’t know, I have 6,221 songs on my MP3 player, and since mid-July I have been listening to every single track in alphabetical order. I just finished listening to #5,482, which was “True” by Spandau Ballet. Ah, the New Romance 1980s. Good times. Moving on to more 1980s goodness, the next song is “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

Are you feelin’ it?

This project has been fun because it has forced me to listen to songs that I put on here that I had never heard. A lot of our CD collection actually belongs to Denis, so out of deference to him I put some stuff on my MP3 player that would appeal to HIM for those long car rides when we’re listening to tunage. And still other stuff is from CDs that are mine, but I only ever listened to the popular tracks.

With less than 1,000 songs to go, I predict I’ll be done with this project by late next week. If that’s the case, that means I have enough music on my MP3 player to last me 3 months without repeating a track. Wow. That’s a lot.

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