MT is Ridiculously Confusing

I’ve been working for the past two hours to install MoveableType 2.63 so that I can begin the switch from Greymatter. I’m focusing right now on creating stuff specifically for CootieGirl and then will do the overall site.

But it’s ridiculous how confusing and UNhelpful the installation instructions are for this program. That’s obvious from the HUNDREDS of error problems that are discussed on the message boards for MT users. I’m sure once I get it installed properly I will love it, but until then, I curse the creators of MT for not making it just as easy as Greymatter (which was REALLY easy for me to install).

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  1. That’s great! You just have to have patience and figure it out. I’m sure it’ll be great once you have it all figured out. You give up too easily.

  2. Now that it’s working I’m off to feed the little Cootiepie herself and then once she’s down for a nap I’ll work on the next step: templatey goodness at Cootiepie!

  3. i’ve played around with MT before, and i’ve used greymatter and nucleusCMS in the past. i’m sure you’ll find MT very powerful. esp. with all the ‘plugins’ and hacks available for it. you’ll end up spending hours and days tweaking this and that and then finding new add-ons to install and spend even more time on it. it can be a never ending cycle. have fun! 😉

  4. Non sequitur: You need to change your book cover. I’m sick of looking at that Danielle Steele thing. Please?

  5. Maybe I’m still reading the Danielle Steel book.

    Actually, I’m not – I’ve just been too lazy to replace it with what I AM currently reading.

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