Mr. Fish Junior

Tonight since I left work so early I stopped by the pet store and picked up the 30 cans of pet food (I actually ended up with 16 cans for cats and another 16 for dogs for 32 total). While I was there I looked at the birds, the ferrets, the fish – THE FISH! That’s when I remembered that I have been meaning to clean out Mr. Fish’s tank and get it ready for his successor. I got some new supplies and then picked out a handsome Mr. Fish Junior. I brought everything home and cleaned out the tank and put in fresh water which I chemicalized (for lack of a better word). Mr. Fish Junior is still in his container and will remain in there until tomorrow night when I’ll add him to the room temperature water.

Let’s hope he lives longer than Mr. Fish Senior. If he does then it means we’re learning how to actually take care of these things.

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  1. Speaking of Pets… Anthony and I were looking at Kitten’s the other day. I kept hearing you in the back of my mind.

    “told ya so”.

    However, we kept on walking. But we were this close to getting one. this close I tell ya! :weeping: