Mr. Fish Is Dead…Long Live Mr. Fish

Well, Mr. Fish kicked the tank today. I admit it is because we didn’t care for him properly. We only changed his water every four weeks and probably overfed him. He did okay with the water change we did several weeks ago, but we changed it last week and he immediately took a turn. He got really listless and wouldn’t eat. This morning he was barely moving and by the time I got home he was dead. Poor little guy.

But hey – he lasted longer than we thought he would, and we learned a lot in the past 2 1/2 months with him. 1) Only feed him shrimp brine once every two weeks as a treat; 2) only change HALF the water at a time, not the entire tank, no matter how dirty you think it is; 3) invest in a rock cleaner vacuum thingie to get it a bit cleaner; 4) follow the math when it comes to the water chemicals – obviously the labels know what they are talking about.

We’ll clean the tank tomorrow night and get the water ready, and then on Friday Denis will buy another red betta, whom we’ll dub Mr. Fish II.

Fortunately when the light isn’t on in the tank the kiddies have no interest in the fish, so we’ll keep the lamp off until we get Mr. Fish II.

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  1. I think it’s because fish are happier swimming in their own suited-to-their-body-chemicals filth (to a point!) than to be subjected to new water all at once, which is harsh on their systems. Is that right?

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