MP3 Music Update, Movies and Fiesta

Your latest MP3 upload update!

Last time (Dec 20):
Total tracks: 3,364
Albums Represented: ??
MB Space remaining: 24,543MB out of 38,133MB
Alphabetical placement: A-H done (up next: Billy Idol)

As of today (Dec 28):
Total tracks: 3,480
Albums Represented: 582
MB Space remaining: 24,057MB out of 38,133MB
Alphabetical placement: A-Joa done (up next: Billy Joel)

In other media news, last night I ordered a couple of these puppies for movie storage. Our entertainment center, while large, is not large enough to contain all our movies. They have spilled out onto the bookshelves in the living room. And seeing the kids manhandle the DVDs is enough to make me scream, so we’re going to put the adult DVDs in these cases and let the kids manhandle their own DVDs to their hearts’ content without mucking up ours. Also, this will allow us to move the banished DVDs in the living room to the entertainment center and back into their collective fold.

Lastly, yesterday I also ordered a small sample of the latest Fiestaware color: Heather. I had been holding out until after the Christmas holiday in case anyone bought it for me. Since I was Fiesta-free this year, I ordered a place setting as well as a couple other pieces. Two pieces that I specifically try to collect in every color as currently out of stock, so I’ll go back in a few weeks and see if I can get those two. Then I’ll be done shopping for Fiesta until the next color comes out.

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