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Got word that I probably won’t be getting a call back on the last job that was holding out from August. It was the last of three jobs for which I interviewed, and I still had hope to receive a call for a second interview. Word on the street is that they had someone come back last week for a second interview. That makes me sad – it sounded like a nice job and I was hoping to at least get the opportunity to come in for a second interview. And so the search continues.

I am still working part-time in the mornings. We’ve finally got the schedule down – it’s Monday through Friday, from 9a-12p. That gives me enough time once I get home to get a couple things done before the kids get home from school.

For a long time we’ve been looking to buy a trampoline for the kids. It’s great exercise for them, and a chance to go outside in the backyard and play (our yard is sloped so it’s not the most child friendly). We have one flat patch near the patio that is the perfect place for a trampoline. I found one this weekend, being sold by another mom in the area. It’s practically brand new, and she was only asking $100. And it comes with the safety net! So today after work that’s where I’ll be heading – to pick up the trampoline. We haven’t told the kids, so they’ll be VERY surprised when we set it up.

Have seen some good movies on Netflix recently. Denis and I watched “Penelope” this weekend and both really enjoyed it. That’s the Christina Ricci movie where she has a pig nose. Very sweet movie. I also watched “Amazing Grace” starring Ioan Gruffudd. That’s the movie about William Wilberforce, the man who led the charge in England to bring the slave trade to an end. It was a great movie and I really liked it. “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” was another one I liked – if only because it was an Ode to New York City. I’ve also seen a couple others that were just so-so (“Knowing” and “Sunshine Cleaning”).

On the books front, I’m making my way through the audiobook of “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer, of “Twilight” fame. This time around she’s written about an alien race who has invaded Earth and taken over all the humans (sort of like Body Snatchers). The book was slow to start, but I’m about halfway through and am enjoying it.

The kids continue to do well. CootieGirl’s reading is improving daily, and she had a friend come over last week for a playdate that went really well. We made cookies, they played princess, and CootieBoy was okay about not being allowed to play with the girls. I think this week CG will be going to the little girl’s house to play. Hopefully if we can get the trampoline set up, CB won’t be upset about not being able to go with them.

Our cat Stinky seems to be improving. We had thought we’d need to put her down a couple weeks ago, but after receiving a steroid shot she is more active, more vocal and eating more. She has an appointment for Thursday for a weight check, but I may postpone it to next week since she’s doing so well.

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