Movies: The Alien Saga & AVP

Yesterday I was able to sit and watch “The Alien Saga” which is a documentary about the “Alien” movies. The first hour was spent on the first movie, and the second hour was on the three sequels. It was pretty fun to watch – and see the vast differences between the filmmakers and their takes on the “Alien” story.

3.5 facehuggers out of five.

To finish out my “Alien” day I watched “AVP”, which Ace loaned me. It is based on the graphic novels that came about due to the “Alien” movies – it pits the Aliens against Predators, the popular 1980s flick with Arnold Schwartzewhatever. I hate to be horrible uncool, but I actually kind of liked it. I liked how at first you didn’t know who to route for, and then suddenly you realized that hey – the Aliens are like sharks – they don’t care WHO you are, they’ll kill you just for sport. So then you’re routing for the Predators and it becomes a fun movie. Not Shakespeare, but not Scooby Doo either. And wow are Predators ugly – I had forgotten what they looked like under their masks. Ugh. VERY cheesy dialogue in this one, but the only part that really bothered me was that it took place in 2004 in Antarctica as opposed to the future like the other “Alien” movies. What’s THAT about?

2.5 bad actors out of five.

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  1. I am so happy that you actually liked AVP. I wasn’t sure that you would, since I knew the acting was pretty bad. It made enough money in the theater and in DVD sales that they are probably going to continue with the AVP series as a side series to the Alien movies. They may even start up the Predator series again.

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