Movies: Starsky & Hutch

It’s rare for a movie to be so bad that I’ll turn it off in digust or boredom. One of the more recent such movies is “Igby Goes Down” which was just horrible. I mean, c’mon, I managed to sit through the entire “Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle” even though it was completely asinine. So it takes a lot to make me get up off the couch and stop a movie halfway through.


There’s always a but.

Denis and I decided to give “Starsky & Hutch” a try, even though all reviews (and even Mr. “I loved Scooby Doo” Ace) hated it. But, about 28 minutes in (yes, we made it that far) I turned to him and said, “You ready to turn this off?” Denis laughed and said, “Sure.” We both sat there, neither reaching for the remote.

“Let’s give it ten more minutes,” I finally said.

Nine minutes later we turned off the movie.

I think that sums up how we feel about that one.

Zero bad wigs out of five.

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  1. I loved your comment the other day when you wanted to put in the movie “Taxi” even as I was protesting. “You, you will watch anything”.

    Even I have my limits when it comes to movies. However, I am more than happy to bend to your will when it comes to watching “Taxi”. However, I was very happy that you didn’t see last weeks episode of “Lost” so that won out.