Movies: Something’s Gotta Give

I bought this one on DVD before I actually saw it. It was part of my Columbia House commitment in order to get my free ipod (which I still want for FREE, by the way). Anyway, I had heard such good things about “Give” and decided to finally sit down and watch it last night.

What a fun movie! I really enjoyed Diane Keaton (she definitely deserved all the rave reviews and nominations she got) and Jack was decent too (I’m not too fond of him in anything other than “Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Easy Rider”). Keanu Reeves didn’t suck although last night was the first time I realized his head is really narrow and long. Like a horse. Seriously.

Anyway, for being in her mid-50s (late 50s?) Diane looks FABULOUS (she was a knockout in the black dress she wore to dinner with Keanu’s character). I laughed out loud several times during this total chick flick, and am glad I bought it.

4 stars out of five.

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