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Yesterday while the cottage potatoes were cooking I managed to watch “Nicholas Nickleby”. While it wasn’t a great film it was a decent film. It certainly had a marvelous cast (Christopher Plummer, Jim Broadbent, Jamie Bell, Juliet Stevenson, and Nathan Lane – just to name a few).

“Nickleby” is the tale of a family who suffers the death of the father and asks the uncle to care for them – instead of sends the son off to a horrible job at a school run by a pair of child abusers. Happy stuff. Nickleby befriends a boy named Smike and together they escape the school and began traveling through England to get Nickleby back to his mom and sister.

It was a well done film, and the lead guy (whose name escapes me just now and I’m too lazy to look up) did a decent job considering the talented co-workers he was with. Jim Broadbent, although his character was a jerk, was still just as delightful to watch as always. I daresay he’s one of my favorite actors – he even makes sitting through the god-awful “Moulin Rouge” almost doable.

2 1/2 stars out of five.

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