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Okay, let me start this review by saying that I like independent movies. I truly do. When they are good, that is. A good independent movie is a joy to behold because it’s fresh, invigorating, and gives you hope that more quirky alternative movies can be made based on the genius of another independent filmmaker. “Donnie Darko”? BRILLIANT INDEPENDENT MOVIE.

And then there’s “Napoleon Dynamite”. What a load. Seriously. Anyone who thinks that movie was good only says so for the “Ooh, look at me – I like a really quirky independent movie that got a lot of press from quirky reviewers and the people at Sundance gave it a standing ovation so it must be good.” factor. When, in fact, the movie sucks.

Look, I “get” the film. The bad stilted acting is supposed to be that way. The non-plot is supposed to be that way – the movie is a character study. But I also get that the movie spent the first 20 minutes letting the audience know that Napoleon was a quirky loser. I figured that out in the first 60 seconds – no need to draw things out. Sure, some things in the film made me laugh, and I adored Napoleon’s dance routine during class elections, but other than that? Guh. I’d rather watch “Alien vs. Predator” again.

This is the type of movie that people love or hate. The smart ones hate it. The ones who want to be cool for liking independent movies love it. I can’t put it any plainer than that.

1 Glamour Shot out of five, but only because it had Tina Majorino in it, a child actress who has finally grown up and is getting jobs again (she was also on two episodes of “Veronica Mars” a couple months ago).

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  1. Within “60 seconds” of reading this review I realized that you are a “loser”….but like yourself, I kept on, only to realize how “smart” I am by hating every aspect of your review.

    You are so “cool.” Go Alien vs Pred! Go Donnie Darko!

  2. After confering with the real Brendan via telephone, we’ve determined that someone is impersonating him in this comment thread. In his words, “unless I did it in a drunken stupor and don’t remember…”

    Looks like having no job is paying off…*lol*

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