Movies: In Good Company, Super Size Me, Garden State

Wow – three movies in one weekend! A regular downpour.

“In Good Company” with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. Enjoyable flick, but way too many closeups of both guys. Sure, they are handsome, but on the big screen a closeup means I can see every single pore on each man’s face. I don’t need to be that intimate with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. I liked how it wasn’t a typical Hollywood ending, and really enjoyed this one.

3 1/2 damaged Porshes on the beach out of five.

“Super Size Me” didn’t turn me off fast food forever, but it did convince me that my once-a-month Wendy’s habit is pretty decent compared to those filmed who got 2-3 times per week. It’s an interesting movie but Denis and I did have a couple questions about it. Would Morgan’s health have gotten SO bad if he wasn’t such a health nut? I mean, if you are a vegan (which his girlfriend was so you can presume he ate pretty heathily), I would think your body couldn’t handle the toxins involved with fast food. But if someone who ate it regularly stepped up their fast food habit to every day – would it have as much of an impact?

3 Big Macs out of five. Mmmm…Big Macs…

“Garden State” was enjoyable if only because Natalie Portman was absolutely adorable. She usually doesn’t play a role this perky and it was a nice change of pace – she absolutely shined. Zach Braff did a great job writing, directing and acting the tale of a man coming home for his mother’s funeral and finding a new life. As everyone has said, the soundtrack was absolutely amazing – possibly the best of the year.

3 1/2 dead hamsters out of five.

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  1. That’s pretty good – three movies!! I felt the same about Supersize Me, and it also didn’t turn me off of fast food, I think because we also go about once a month so I felt like I was already better off than most of the people in the movie. I have had Garden State at my house for some time now and still haven’t managed to watch it, I think that is next up in my list though – I think Zach Braff is great! Great reviews!

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