Movies: I, Robot & Matchstick Men

Tonight Denis and I sat down and watched “Matchstick Men”, the Nicholas Cage movie from a couple years ago. I loved it. Denis said he liked it, which is his way of raving about a movie. I loved the daughter, as played by Alison Lohman – she was great. It was also nice to see Sam Rockwell, who is one of my fake boyfriends. He doesn’t do a lot of movies, so it’s nice when he shows up in a film when you aren’t expecting it.

“Men” is about a con artist who finds out he has a daughter and seeks to build a relationship with her – even including her on the grift of a lifetime. Very well acted (and that’s saying a lot since I hate Mr. “I Wanna Be Elvis” Cage) and extremely well-written.

4 cans of tuna out of 5.

As for “I, Robot”, let me just say this, “I, Took a Long Nap”.

Boy was that a bad movie. Was it sci-fi? Thriller? Action? Drama? I had no clue and neither did the screenplay writer. I suppose it should be considered sci-fi since it was based on an Isaac Asimov book, but did the screenwriter take out all the interesting stuff? It’s not often that I sleep through a movie, but this one made it so easy.

1 nap out of 5. Don’t waste your time.

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  1. I slept through I Robot too. I think it was a combo of a boring movie and two kids under two wearing our patience down.

  2. I liked Robot because I had read all the short stories on which the movie was based. So I had the “background” for the movie. What I noted was that it was not a single story, but a blending of all of the short stories into one, with some aspects of each included. For someone coming into it cold, it could look a bit patchwork (because it was).

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