Movies: Hidalgo & About Schmidt

This weekend I took the time to watch “Hidalgo”, starring my fake boyfriend Viggo Mortenson. Uh. What a piece of garbage. Really – it’s so depressing that VM went from the brilliance of LOTR to this trash. Maybe I was biased because I already know that Frank Hopkins was accused of lying about his participation on the race, but even trying to take the movie as pure fiction didn’t help – it still was really bad.

I also never got around to reviewing “About Schmidt”, which we watched last week. Not so much a comedy as a drama with some funny bits. But even that movie wasn’t as good as everyone claimed it was. I did like Jack Nicholson though – he was less Jack than he’s ever been, which was nice. He and Al Pacino have a habit of playing each role the exact same way so I was pleasantly surprised by JN’s performance.

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