Movies: Connie & Carla and Bonhoeffer

Two more movies to semi-review.

First up, “Connie and Carla” the Toni Collette/Nia Vardalos/David Duchovy comedy that came out last year about two gals who witness a murder and go into hiding as drag queens in LA. It had great promise but ended up being kind of weak. It took me a long time to realize that the ACTUAL plot of the movie was that the two gals as drag queens turned a downtrodden nightclub into a success. The witnessing of a murder was just a device used to put them in a drag club. Considering it was written by Vardalos, who did a marvelous job with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” I was expecting a lot more than I got.

Today I watched “Bonhoeffer”, a documentary about the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer who spoke out against Hitler in the 1930s and 40s and joined a plot to assassinate the dictator despite being an ardent pacifist. At one point one of Bonhoeffer’s seminary students said that Bonhoeffer, a peaceful man by nature due to his strong Christian faith, felt great conviction that it was better to murder one dictator than allow an entire generation of Jews to be persecuted and killed for no reason other than a madman’s desire. A short 90-minute film, I was enthralled and will probably try and find a Bonhoeffer biography out there to read and get more details about this man’s life.

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  1. imho:

    Connie and Carla was poorly written, but I love Toni Collette with a passion. I never like “My Big Fat Greek Bad Excuse for a Movie”, so I wasn’t going into this movie expecting much.

    1 out of 4 stars (for great dance numbers and costumes)

    I will rent, if I already haven’t, Bonhoeffer. However, something tells me that I have seen it already.

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