MoviePass Pays Off

Back in September I posted about how I joined MoviePass for $10 a month. Well, it’s now almost four months later and I’m updating to say that I LOVE MoviePass so much that I recently opted to sign up for their annual pass, which reduces the cost to ~$7/month.

I know others have complained that their customer service is lacking, but so far I have no complaints. When I changed my membership to annual, I was accidentally charged twice, but I submitted a ticket and within 24 hours they refunded the duplicate charge. I’ve not had any issues checking into movies or not having the money on the MoviePass debit card to pay for my ticket. The app works seamlessly and is easy to understand. Basically, they’ve been great!

And as a result, I’ve seen more movies since September 15 than I have in the past few years. Since September, I’ve seen:

Sept 16: Baby Driver
Sept 23: The Dark Tower
Oct 1: Dunkirk
Oct 6: The Mountain Between Us
Oct 13: Happy Death Day
Oct 14: Blade Runner 2049
Oct 15: War for the Planet of the Apes
Oct 20: Spider-man: Homecoming
Oct 22: Geostorm
Nov 9: Thor: Ragnarok
Nov 11: Murder on the Orient Express
Dec 1: Wonder
Dec 27: Pitch Perfect 3
Dec 28: Darkest Hour
Dec 30: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Jan 8: The Greatest Showman
Jan 12: Coco
Today, Jan 14: Paddington 2 (rating TBD)

Using MoviePass, I’ve seen 18 movies in four months. Assuming an average price of $9 per ticket, that would have cost me about $162, give or take. I’ve paid $40. And yes, I’ve paid for concessions at each of those movies, but I have rewards cards and take the opportunity to earn and use points as much as possible. For instance, when I saw “Coco” a couple nights ago, we went to a Regal theater. In the Regal app I turned in points for two free small drinks and a free small popcorn, but then upgraded all three to mediums when ordering at the concession stand. I only paid for the upgrades, which came to a total of $2.71 including the tax. And by using my rewards card when purchasing tickets and concessions, I continue to earn points.

I’ll admit that I have seen a few movies without using MoviePass. My daughter and I saw “Logan Lucky” at a cheap theater, and the entire family went to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at full price on opening weekend. I also saw “Justice League” without using MoviePass. “LL” was $3, the other two were probably $10 each, so an additional $23 for a total of $63 to see 21 movies. That averages to a $3 ticket price for every movie, but $2.22 for each MoviePass movie. I haven’t seen movie prices like that since I went to go see “Godzilla v. Megalon” with my sister in the 1970s.

If you haven’t tried MoviePass, and you love going to the movies but feel it’s gotten too expensive, I highly recommend it.

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