Movie: Wimbledon

I checked out “Wimbledon” for today’s Reel Moms movie. I got there late because I decided to take the scenic route when I saw that the Garden State Parkway was a parking lot. The scenic route turned into a disaster because I ended up at the same address – five miles away from where I needed to be. Stupid Yahoo Maps.

In any case, there were about 30 moms there this time, but CootieBoy and I got a good seat. He’s such a good boy – he behaved brilliantly again this week. I fed him a bottle and for once he didn’t fuss while I was burping him.

The movie itself was cute – not great, but cute. Definitely worth waiting to see on Netflix or seeing a matinee so you only pay $6. Paul Bettany is a cutie patootie. The story was done by the same folks that did “Notting Hill”, but not as well. I don’t fault the actors, who did well enough – I fault a weak script that could have been wittier.

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