Movie: War of the Worlds

Last night Denis and I watched a bootlegged version of “War of the Worlds” that he got from old school buddy of his. As the movie came on we heard lots of rustling from the movie patrons, so I had my doubts as to whether we’d be able to watch it, but the audience settled in once the opening credits were done and it ended up being a decent movie despite starring Tom “I Am A Blowhard” Cruise.

I’m sure I would have been even more into had I had the actual DVD of the movie instead of a bootleg. Some scenes were so dark that it was made even more difficult to see because of the graininess of the video.

But that Spielberg – he spins a good yarn, doesn’t he? And he’s smart to have Dakota Fanning who is right up there with Haley Joel Osment as a great child actor. Although both are practically teenagers now, right?

3.5 sneezes out of five.

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