movie: twilight

Okay. Let’s talk “twilight.”

I thought it was okay. Not great by any means. Not even particularly good. Just okay. I had a lot of issues with it, which, if resolved, will make the second movie a lot better.

1. Cast a new Jacob. I like Jacob more than Edward and was VERY disappointed in their choice for this VERY important character. I don’t see there EVER being chemistry between Bella and Jacob if they keep that guy.

2. The director made odd choices for shots she kept in that should have only seen the cutting room floor. Edward’s initial reaction to Bella’s scent was horribly overacted and a better director would have made him redo it a bit less soap-opera-y. One of Bella’s reaction shots when Edward was saving her after the James attack only brought laughter in our theater. Surely the test audience laughed too, and alerted the director to cut that reaction shot?

3. The makeup. Seriously – there are ways to make people look pale without making them look like they are in Marie Antoinette’s French court theatre troupe. It was atrocious.

I thought the kids playing Edward and Bella were fine overall, but I told Ace that if had a guy treat me the way edward did in the first thirty minutes of the movie I wouldn’t be DRAWN to him – I’d call him a jerk (not the word I actually said but my mother reads this blog).

Anyway, as I said – it wasn’t a great movie, but despite its flaws I did still enjoy it.

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  1. I think the joy of seeing a movie and spending time with You made the evening a complete success.

    I still can’t get over the “randomly placed pile of loose dirt” for the foot print scene. That was just awful. What I did get out of the movie, is that its for TEENS. A ton of angst and just plan juvenile acting.

    I will agree, as much as I loved Jacob in the book.. he was completely mis-cast. The long hair on the actor (who always wears his short) looked stupid. Total wig! I find it funny that they think just because they are an Indian trip that they think all Indians wear there hair long.

    I found the running and the tree climbing to be hilarious. It reminded me of the Dark Crystal.

    Agasin, the night was made by seeing it with you. I know this cute house in NJ that is up for sale

  2. So, I should just finish reading the book and leave it at that, huh?

    Oh, what am I saying. VAMPIRES. Of course I’m going to end up seeing it.

  3. Heh. I’d say skip the movie, but if you insist on seeing it, wait to rent it. Its much more like a made-for-tv caliber movie than big screen.

  4. I was thinking the same thing about the vampire makeup. They were so pale that I look tan in comparison!

    I didn’t really care for the actress that played Bella. She couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag.

    Just curious: Did the teenaged girls in the audience scream whenever Edward was on screen? Man, that was annoying.

  5. No, our theater was pretty empty, so no screaming girls. I would have HATED the movie if we had had screaming girls. Robert Pattison isn’t THAT hot. I also failed to talk about how awful Jasper was – but again I blame the director on giving him poor acting advice on how to play that particular role.

  6. Hee. I thoroughly enjoyed the teen angsty romance movie…I have a feeling I will enjoy the book more, ’cause it did seem a little like some depth was missing. I’m glad I saw the movie, first. And, no screaming girls. I have to admit…I found Robert Pattison pretty hot. I must still be a teenager. Heh.

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