Movie: Troy

Okay, so disregarding the first 30 minutes, which were incredibly boring, “Troy” was okay. Maybe I was in a really easy-to-please mood on Saturday afternoon, though. I enjoyed the one-on-one fighting much more than the big epic battle scenes. I think the LOTR trilogy has ruined me for all other epic battle movies. LOTR is the pinnacle of perfection in that regard and I doubt any other movie will ever measure up.

The big negative of this movie was the script. The screenwriter was just bad bad bad and it didn’t help that Brad “I Can Barely Act Better than Ben Affleck” Pitt was in it. Orlando Bloom did a fine job, as did Eric Bana, as Paris and Hector, respectively. But bad writing made this a seriously flawed movie.

Two Trojan Horses out of five.

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Movie: Troy

This isn’t a review, but simply a comment. Last night I watched the first 28 minutes of “Troy” and even with my extremely lowered expectations this thing royally sucks. The fact that I have another 2 hrs 15 min to go before it ends, I’m debating if it’s worth it. Of course, I know it’s not, based on the numerous reviews I’ve seen at other blogs and from online reviewers. But part of me thinks that I can try and get through it – maybe 30 minutes at a time. That would have me finishing it some time on Saturday.

It’s surprising that it’s so bad considering 1) it’s a relatively interesting story and 2) the cast is amazing. But bad writing and poor art direction/special effects hinder this movie greatly.

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  1. Aw, you need to finish it so we can get the full Jaynee 0 Trojan horses out of 5 treatment.

    It doesn’t improve, but it doesn’t get worse. If that helps.

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