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Over at Jen Speaks there has been a discussion of Top 10 Favorite Movies, and I thought I’d bring the discussion over here as well. Without further ado, here is my top 10 of all time:

10. O Brother, Where Art Thou? – The Coen Bros. finest effort.
9. Waiting for Guffman – makes me laugh everytime. Another movie I could watch over and over and never get bored.
8. Lord of the Rings: FOTR – the last chapter may end up on the top ten list, but for now Chapter 1 is here. Great storytelling.
7. Finding Nemo – I fell in love with this movie and it’s my all-time favorite “cartoon” now
6. Lagaan – Bollywood at its best. I worship this movie.
5. Philadelphia Story – Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart all in one movie! PERFECT!
4. Never Been Kissed – Drew Barrymore goofiness reminds me of myself
3. Mame – Rosalind Russell is perfection in this role and Mame is who I long to be when I “grow up”
2. My Fair Lady – love Audrey Hepburn
1. West Side Story – gah, I cry everytime, despite seeing it about a billion times.

Honorable Mentions: Aliens, Stage Door, 10 Things I Hate About You, Memento, Das Boot, Rat Race, The Graduate, Strictly Ballroom, and too many others to list!

What about you?

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  1. Jaynee is wrong about “Wind” – it’s the best of the Guest mockumentaries, imho.

    And my list isn’t just my favorites – it’s the 10 that I consider to be the best and also happen to be in my larger list of favorites. My list of pure favorites would be much different.

  2. Jen, my list is purely of favorites…If went with “best” my list would also be different and slightly more pretentious.

  3. I cry every time you make me watch “West Side Story” too. *lol*

    I know. I know. You’ve never MADE me watch it. But if you did, I’d cry like CootieGirl.

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