Movie: The Woodsman

Another movie I watched this weekend was “The Woodman”, starring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. A totally depressing movie, it got accolades for Bacon’s portrayal of Walter, a child molester released from prison after 12 years and attempting to live a normal life.

The only apartment he can find is across the street from a school, and his parole psychiatrist asks him to start a journal. Walter hesitates, claiming the notebook could be “evidence”, but then agrees and begins to write down his thoughts. Meanwhile, he finds a job at a local lumberyard and begins to date Vicki, a woman who works there as well. But Walter’s predilection for pre-teen girls still holds a grip on him, and his desire to be normal is slowly overpowered by his other desires.

All in all it was an okay movie. Bacon was fabulous and the script was interesting without becoming grotesque (which it very well could have become). One scene in particular with a young girl named Robin was well-done, and in the extras they showed an extended version which I’m very happy they opted NOT to put in the movie. The extended version would have made this movie become instantly sappy and ridiculous. By keeping out one small monologue from Walter this scene remained taut and mildly disconcerting. A well-made movie even if the subject matter is difficult.

2 1/2 starlings out of five.

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