Movie: The Village

Okay, so I really liked “The Village”. Sure, it was typically M. Night slow, but it was still good. I now am a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Ivy. I’ll have to see if she was in anything else.

This story was set in the late 1800s and is about a small village of people who lived near some woods that inhabit strange creatures that terrorize the town when folks venture into the woods.

It’s a stellar cast – William Hurt, Adrien Brody, Joaquim Phoenix, Sigourney Weaver, among others.

I feared I might fall asleep at some point during the movie, but about halfway through I took a break and came back to it after doing stuff around the house. I ended up becoming completely fascinated by the story of Ivy and the creatures in the woods.

And, typical of all M. Night movies, there was a twist at the end, and can I just admit that I didn’t see it coming? The whole movie I kept trying to guess what the ending would be, and I was nowhere close to guessing it right. Because of that, I really enjoyed it.

Four red cloaks out of five.

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