Movie: The Laws of Attraction

Our final movie for today is “The Laws of Attraction” starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore. Let me state for the record that I love Julianne Moore. Adore her. Let me also state that Pierce Brosnan is delusional if he thinks his hairy chest is something I need to see. It is not.

Forgetting that Celebrity Poker Showdown was on tv last night, I put in this movie to watch. Bad choice. It’s not that “Laws” was so bad, but poker would have been better.

The plot was entirely outlandish and predictable all at the same time. Not a good combination. I didn’t think that Brosnan and Moore had good chemistry together. I just didn’t enjoy this movie like I hoped I would.

I give this a 2 star rating out of five, but mainly because Moore did well in her first comedic role – she was plucky and cute and managed to make the drivel she was saying sound less drivelish. Is that a word? Well, it is now.

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  1. Every time I looked over to you, you seemed to be smiling at the screen during the movie. I think you liked it, but you’re afraid to say it. Jaynee will give it three stars. *lol*

    And what does this post say about my hairy chest? *lol*

  2. Slight correction – I liked Julianne Moore in it – thus the smiling (after all, she was in almost every scene).

    And it’s specific HIS chest – the hair just looks weird. He either needs to shave it all off or keep his shirt on.

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