Movie: The Last Samurai

I’m the first to say that I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan. He never did anything for me and pretty much the only movies of his that I like are “Rain Man” and “Mission Impossible”. However, I must admit that I really liked “The Last Samurai” – but mainly for hot Ken Watanabe and his amazing performance.

The plot? As written by someone at imDB, “In Japan, Civil War veteran Captain Nathan Algren trains the Emperor’s troops to use modern weapons as they prepare to defeat the last of the country’s samurais. But Algren’s passion is swayed when he is captured by the samurai and learns about their traditions and code of honor.”

I figured this would be the Oriental “Dances With Wolves” and therefore had low expectations for this movie. I was pleasantly surprised. Tom Cruise only chewed the scenery occasionally and Ken Watanabe was simply outstanding, spellbinding and mesmerizing. He’s also quite hot. How’s THAT for a review?

The fight scenes are fun to watch because they are so well choreographed, and the cinematic photography is wonderful. The plot tends to drag in some spots, and it’s also slightly predictable, but it’s still a good movie and worth renting if you haven’t already seen it.

4 gatling guns out of five.

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