Movie: The Incredibles

Okay, so I loved “Finding Nemo” so much that I didn’t think the folks at Pixar could top it.


I was right. Now don’t get me wrong, “The Incredibles” was enjoyable enough, but I didn’t love it – and I really really wanted to love it. Parts of it were entertaining (Edna was hilarious), but I admit that I was a little disappointed.

I don’t see how this movie would necessarily be interesting to kids under age 8. Seriously. It didn’t have much “kid factor” stuff in there like the other Pixar movies have had. The kids in the theater today certainly enjoyed themselves, but I don’t see “The Incredibles” as having the power to maintain profits like “Finding Nemo” did – “Nemo” is the kind of movie kids see over and over again. “Incredibles” is not. At least, I don’t think so, and if they DO break the Pixar record for most profitable film, then I’m happy for them.

And their promo for the next movie, “Cars” – one big UGH. I don’t see many people except for Nascar fans going to that one.

“The Incredibles” gets 3 1/2 out of five stars.

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  1. Marmie and I just saw it and we liked it a lot. It’s not a kid’s film, at least for smaller kids, but it’s true to the Saturday morning cartoon hero style (League of Justice, etc), it’s funny and entertaining. Finding Nemo is unique in that it’s specifically kids’ entertainment. They watch it over and over, while once was clearly enough for me. I could watch The Incredibles again, just as I feel about Toy Story and TS2.

  2. *whining*

    I want to see it!


    I might go on Sunday, as a reward for a successful move. Although the truth is that I’ll be in an unpacking groove and will wait for the movie. I do want to see it though.

  3. For once, I agree with Jaynee 100% with this one. Good, but not good enough. Not good like Finding Nemo good. Maybe I’m a kid at heart. And yes, this is very Saturday morning cartoony, but not good enough for me. I want more from Pixar. Sorry.

  4. It was good; an enjoyable afternoon. Hey, Jane, LOVE the hair and it is NOT 65 yr. old hair. You still look cool and young for your age. *smooches*

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