Movie: The Hours

Okay, so I knew going into it that the movie was going to be crap. After all, I read the book and absolutely hated it. And I do mean HATED it. And folks, the movie was just as bad.

What made it better, however, was the fact that I put up the Christmas tree while the movie was playing, so at least when the music suddenly got dramatic I could pay attention and see what was taking place.

Turns out, not much took place.

Julianne Moore was horrible in this movie. Normally I like her a lot, but in this she was just awful. Nicole Kidman was completely boring – didn’t deserve the accolades she got for her “risky” portrayal of Virginia Woolf (obviously the nose got her role noticed, otherwise it would have been completely ignored). Meryl Streep was okay in it, but I felt bad that she was in a bad movie based on a bad book.

Ugh. I just really remembered how a big a load that book was. Time I’ll never get back.

But the Christmas tree looks fabulous.

No stars as it’s just abominable. No wait. 1 star for the music in the movie – the piano stuff is quite good.

1 star out of five.

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  1. I completely agree with your review! My first thought after seeing that movie was ‘what a waste of Ella’s nap time’! I really can’t see why so many people enjoyed this film??!

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