Movie: The Grudge

I just finished watching “The Grudge” starring Buffy Summers…I mean Sarah Michelle Geller, as Karen, a student in Japan who gets tangled up with a pesky haunted house.

Despite the fact that it took over an hour to get to the point, it had more than enough jump-out-of-your-skin moments along with a few predictable ones. Buffy, I mean SARAH MICHELLE, was fine enough in the role.

I couldn’t help but compare it to “The Ring” though – the movies both had a very similar tone and because of that I felt like I was watching “The Ring 2” instead of a completely different movie.

I had “Ju-On” on my Netflix list (“The Grudge” is the remake of the original Japanese film), but I may take it off because both movies share a director so I don’t see how it’ll be much different.

2 creepy kids out of 5. REALLY creepy kids.

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