Movie: Spaceballs

Denis, being a huge Star Wars fan, has never seen “Spaceballs”. That’s surprising, since every SW fan I know also loves the absurdity of Spaceballs. So we borrowed the DVD from Ace and tried to watch it the other night.

I say “tried” because after about 20 minutes both Denis and I were fast asleep. Now, as the opening credits started I said, “Man, I remember this movie as being really funny – I hope it’s not dated.” Denis expressed his doubts in anything Mel Brooks did later in his career (think “High Anxiety” or “Life Stinks”).

So when we both woke up about 45 minutes into the movie, I admitted that the 20 minutes I saw were very dated (Joan Rivers as C-3PO? Ugh.), and Denis decided that he didn’t need to see anymore to know he had no interest.

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  1. I stand by my original opinion of this movie as a Star Wars fan. Not worth watching. Mel Brooks used to be funny, but not after “Young Frankenstein.”

  2. “Ace, did you not see that both of us DIDN’T enjoy it?”

    I did, it was my attempt at Humor. :laughing:

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