Movie: Shaun of the Dead

I don’t rave about movies that often – it’s rare that Denis and I will find one that we both thoroughly enjoy from beginning to end. However, last night we hit upon a movie that I most assuredly will be buying on DVD and will most likely watch over and over and over again, laughing even more with each subsequent viewing.

That movie, ladies and gentlemen, is “Shaun of the Dead”, a satiric zombie film so well done as to make even regular zombie classics pale in comparison. And I’m not kidding.

Not into zombie films? Frankly, I’m not either. But give this one a shot. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

This is the tale of Shaun, a slacker who is nearing 30 and has done nothing with his life. He spends his nights dragging his girlfriend Liz to the local bar and the day working a dead-end job. One day Liz dumps him, and he thinks the world is over. Well, he’s not too far off when he and his slacker pal Ed find a zombie in the backyard. Hilarity (and some zombie horror moments) ensues.

I urge you to rent it if you haven’t seen it. Be aware (for those that care) the language is atrocious, but ignore that and just enjoy a brilliantly funny and well-made film that just happens to be about zombies.

4 1/2 vinyl records out of five.

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