Movie: Shark Tale

Yet another CootieGirl movie was watched this weekend. This time it was “Shark Tale” starring the vocal talents of Will Smith, Renee Zellweger, Robert DeNiro, and Martin Scorcese, among many others. CootieGirl was mostly entertained – after about an hour she did leave the room to go play in the back room, which is normally the deathknell of any movie. However, I turned it off and re-started it after her nap and she watched the rest of the movie without leaving once.

As for adults, it was a mildly enjoyable movie with lots of fish to human puns throughout that made me smile at their cleverness (or obviousness, depending). Will I buy the DVD for CootieGirl? Nope. But if it’s on regular tv I’ll probably watch it for a few minutes.

2 1/2 tonguebrushes out of five.

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