Movie: Scotland, PA

Last night there was nothing on TV so once I got home from band practice Denis and I settled in to watch “Scotland, PA“. Or rather, I settled in to watch it – Denis settled in to fall asleep within 15 minutes of the opening credits.

This is an update on Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” and I was impressed. Set in the white-trash 1970s fast food industry, it started James LeGros and Maura Tierney as Mac and Pat McBeth, a pair of underachieving ne’er-do-wells who aspire to greatness. After their boss winds up dead, a detective arrives in town (the ever delightful Christopher Walken) and begins to investigate the murder.

A true black comedy, I never laughed out loud but appreciated the wit. Maura Tierney is outstanding as Pat McBeth, the conniving wife.

Worth the rental.

3 1/2 drive-thru windows out of five.

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