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So I have been slacking on movie watching lately – I’ve had the same three Netflix movies for weeks and only just got around to watching them in the past week.

“Seabiscuit” was a decent movie. I admit I’m happy I didn’t pay $10 to see it, even though it was enjoyable. I really like Tobey Maguire as an actor – he’s just really great and I look forward to watching his career continue to bloom over the next few decades. He’s already fantastic – imagine what he’ll be like at age 50?

“Party Monster” was the Macauley Culkin indie flick about Michael Alig’s killing of Angel Melendez back in 1996. There was an original documentary with the same title that contained actual footage of Alig and his cohorts, but I think that version would be too eerie to watch since the murder took place while that original documentary was being filmed. The film version may have starred Culkin, but it was Seth Green’s vision of notorious club kid James St. James that stole the show. He was hilarious and sad all at the same time.

I was still a clubber when the murder took place, but fortunately I never got to the extreme level that the Club Kids did in New York, and certainly didn’t travel in the same circles. The only time I ever saw any of the Club Kids was at a rave in NYC in 1994 where a few of them showed up at about dawn. To be honest, they freaked me out. *lol*

Last night I was finally able to sit down and watch “Whale Rider” and I loved it. I thought Keisha Castle-Hughes totally deserved her Oscar nom, especially consider she was plucked from her classroom for the role with no prior experience. She carried that film in such a calm quiet way that it would have been a travesty had she NOT been nominated!

Coming up next from Netflix: Lost in Translation, Comedian (the Jerry Seinfeld documentary), and civil war flick Gods and Generals.

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  1. I would pass on Gods and Generals, it was long and horrible. I went and saw it with a friend that is a big civil war buff, who liked the previous films in the series, and he even hated it.

  2. I watched “Party Animal” this past weekend also after having it out for something like 3 weeks on Netflix. I have to agree with you in that Seth stole the show and it being creepy. My friends back then were wannabe club kids so I actually met some of the circle — but looking on it now its like, “Whoa, what were we thinking!”

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