Movie: Open Water

Last night I had the opportunity to watch “Open Water”, the shark movie from last year that was hailed as a triumph of independent moviemaking. Based on true events, it follows a couple who goes snorkeling in open water while on vacation in Bermuda, only to be left behind by the boat and battling against fear and sharks to stay alive in the middle of the ocean.

The director used digital equipment to film his movie, and so the entire time it felt like a cheaply made movie. And since the actors were unknowns I found myself being really picky about their performances. I didn’t find the movie to be as scary is was touted, but it was mildly engaging and makes me think twice about vacationing anywhere that sharks may be prevalent.

Worth the rental, sure, but you may feel waterlogged by the end of it.

2 1/2 underwater cameras out of five.

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