Movie: National Treasure

Where “Friday Night Lights” failed, “National Treasure” excelled. I had been told by 90% of the people that saw it that “NT” was a fun movie. Most of those positive reviews came with the caveat, “It’s totally impossible, but a lot of fun.” YAY! I love movies like that!

A total fluff movie, it starred Nicholas Cage (who I hate to watch in movies) as a guy who is seeking the treasure hidden by the Masons and Knights Templar back in the middle ages. At the beginning of the movie, one of Cage’s investors turns against him (the delicious Sean Bean) and the race is on to see who finds the treasure first.

While the movie was light on conspiracy theories (especially compared to the Grand Champion Conspiracy Theory of All Time: the ever foul The Illuminatus Trilogy) it was a fun little action movie that kept me entertained despite my disbelief. I like action movies that do that – entertain me even though what’s happening is completely impossible.

3 hidden maps out of five.

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