Movie: Meet The Robinsons

It was a movie weekend at our house. I recently started back with our Netflix account and have moved a bunch of movies up to the top for the kids.

This one arrived Friday, so we watched it Saturday morning before CB and I got locked into playing the Wii. The kids were pretty engrossed the moment it started – always a good sign.

From Amazon:

Developing positive self-esteem and persevering in the face of difficulties are fundamental parts of growing up, but when 12-year old orphan Lewis can’t seem to get adopted or make his inventions work despite repeated efforts, he begins to seriously doubt himself and his abilities as an inventor … [A]n odd boy named Wilbur Robinson shows up to warn Lewis about the mysterious “Bowler Hat Guy” lurking around the science fair, an evil man Wilbur claims is from the future. The next thing Lewis knows, he and Wilbur are on route to the future via time machine. Once there, Lewis meets the very quirky, extended Robinson family with whom he feels oddly at home. As the search for the Bowler Hat Man … becomes more and more dangerous, the Robinson family becomes crucial in keeping Lewis safe.

This was a good movie for the kids – basic enough that they could mostly follow the story, but mildly scary to keep it interesting. I thought the look of the film was great (apparently this was originally released in 3D) and enjoyed the parts I saw (I only saw the second half). This is a lesser-known Disney/Pixar movie, and unjustly so. I thought it was fun and deserves more recognition and praise than some of the recent Disney/Pixar fare (yes, “Cars,” I’m talking about you).

Will I buy it on DVD? Probably not. But if it ever comes on TV in the future, I’ll definitely make a point of watching the first half to see what I missed.

3 1/2 pictures of Tom Selleck out of five. Yeah, I said Tom Selleck.

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  1. Tech. this isn’t a “Pixar” movie. The name Pixar isn’t attached anywhere to it. This one was all Disney as was Chicken Little.

    This movie was horrible in my opinion. I watched it a few months ago and thought it was just lacking something. Maybe it was the Voice Casting??? The look was fantastic (I watched it on Blu-Ray) but the movie was just terrible.

    As for Pixar, I agree Cars was horrible and why they would be making a sequal is beyond me… but its coming. However, I didn’t like that Rat movie either…

  2. 1) I stand corrected on the Pixar association.
    2) We love “Chicken Little” and watch it all the time.
    3) CB and I liked the rat movie. đŸ™‚

  3. I too love Chicken Little. I wish I had owned the Blu Ray player before it came out. I own it on Regular DVD. However, when I am in Best Buy and they show it on Blu Ray, its unbelievable. Chicken Little was also shot in 3-D.

    Maybe I will re-watch the Rat Movie…. It was a gift from Anthony’s cousin… so its not like I have to waste a netflix pick to watch it again.

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