Movie: Luther

So this weekend I had the opportunity to watch “Luther” the Joseph Fiennes movie about Martin Luther, originator of the Protestant church movement at a time when the Pope and Catholicism ruled. This movie didn’t get much press when it was released, and I’m not sure why. I thought it was excellent.

There were parts I didn’t like – such as the screenwriter portraying Luther as slightly crazy. Not sure how true that is and I’m sick of seeing important religious folks as nuts in movies (i.e., Joan of Arc). Fortunately there were only a couple scenes like this, so it didn’t ruin the movie.

I won’t go into details (I don’t feel like it), but this is a good rental and worth watching. It makes me want to go out and buy a good solid Martin Luther biography and learn more about the man.

Four theses out of five (or should I say 95?).

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  1. I thought this was a great movie. Even though they did portray him as slightly crazy, it was nice to see a movie that gave a straight, serious look at religious themes. I thought it was intriguing.

  2. I’ve been wanting to see the movie, too. I didn’t know that it was available on video. National Review On-Line had a good review

  3. If you can find it, I recommend the Durant’s Age of Reformation, from their multi-volume Story of Civilization. It treats Luther extensively, and it least in the latter part of his life, he was a little nutso. He wanted nothing to do with Calvin, and insisted that Reform be “his way” or not at all.

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