Movie: Juno

This was one of Denis’ favorite movies last year. He and I each got a “movie day” where we took a day off from work and just did whatever we wanted. He saw two movies on his day – “Juno” and “No Country for Old Men.” I saw two movies on mine – “Cloverfield” and “Enchanted.” Denis mocked me for seeing “Enchanted” instead of “Juno.” But I knew I’d see it eventually on DVD so I wasn’t too pressed about it. Plus, at that time EVERYONE was talking about Juno this, Juno that – frankly, it made me NEVER want to see the movie.

But Denis bought the DVD last week and we sat down on Saturday night to watch it. From’s description:

Social misfit Juno protects herself with a caustic wit, but when she gets pregnant by her friend Paulie, Juno finds herself unwilling to terminate the pregnancy. When she chooses a couple who place a classified ad looking to adopt, Juno gets drawn further into their lives than she anticipated.

It was well cast, with Ellen Page as Juno, Michael Cera as Paulie, and Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman playing the adoptive couple. I was a bit ambivalent in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie when EVERY character (including adults) had this “hep cat” language going. If it had continued much longer I would have HATED the movie. But thankfully that quickly came to an end and the characters were able to be themselves rather than caricatures. And because of that, I loved the movie.

In particular, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Michael Cera. Adored his character, Paulie Bleeker. If I could watch the movie and only see his scenes I’d be happy. The whole cast was great, actually. The story alternated between funny and emotional, caustic and sentimental – it was nicely balanced and in the process I really grew to like the characters – even the ones that only had a couple scenes.

A very well done movie – it deserved all the accolades it received. But those first 5-10 minutes – I wish those had been reworked a bit. If they had, it would have been a PERFECT movie.

4 1/2 gallons of Sunny D out of five.

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