Movie: James & The Giant Peach

I admit that I didn’t actually watch this movie. CootieGirl did, however. She also watched “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend. Of the two, she much preferred “James”. I guess the Beast was just a bit too scary in the beginning, so she never warmed up to him even when Belle decided he could be tamed. She did, however, take great delight in running to the tv and screaming “Princess!” when Belle showed up in her yellow ball gown (“Princess” Belle is the Disney character on her pull-up diapers at the moment).

When shown the B&tB DVD cover and asked, “Did you like this movie, CootieGirl?” she answered quickly with a shake of her head and a succinct, “No!” When shown “James” and asked the same question, she violently nodded her head and said, “Da!”

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