Movie: I Heart Huckabees

It’s been a while since I turned a movie off in the first 30 minutes because it sucks so bad. I think “Starsky and Hutch” was the last one, back in March. Well, “I Heart Huckabees” is the latest to receive such an honor. About 24 minutes into it Denis was asleep on the sofa, and five minutes later I shut it off.

Hated. Every. Minute.

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  1. Yes, I did fall asleep, but I actually liked most of what I saw. I have to start watching these movies in the afternoon when I’m awake.

  2. Ugh! They were playing this on a flight recently and I too fell asleep (and it’s darn near impossible for me to sleep on planes). Existentialist detectives?! Stupid concept!:down::down::down:

  3. What are you talking about—this movie is great! It actually has intelligent humor rather than just stupidity/fart jokes/sex jokes.

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