Movie: Garfield

Now, if I were reviewing this movie on behalf of my daughter it would get about a gazillion hairballs out of a gazillion. CootieGirl loved this movie. And when I say loved I mean she giggled and danced through the whole thing. Yes, I said danced. You see, at 22 minutes into the movie Garfield and Odie dance together, and CootieGirl thought it was the Best. Thing. Ever. She tried to get Cooper to get up and dance with her but he wasn’t havin’ it. But it didn’t stop her from running into the kitchen, where Denis was cooking.

“DADDY! DANCING!” *CootieGirl mimics the Odie dance* “DANCING!”

Now, for me, it wasn’t great, but it was entertaining enough. Bill Murray does the voiceover for Garfield, that loveable but grumpy lasagna-obsessed cat who is the bane of existence for owner Jon Arbuckle. You know – that comic strip that no one has really read in about 20 years. In the movie Jon is played by Breckin Meyer, which is always going to go over well with me, Breckin being a fake boyfriend and all. His vet girl interest is (gack) Jennifer Love Hewitt who at least had a cute haircut in this movie. Lastly, Odie is played by a gorgeous dachsund/terrier mix who had me from hello.

Mindless plot aside, Bill Murray was the perfect choice to play Garfield and I loved trying to guess who the other voiceovers were (I’m the most proud of guessing Debra Jo Rupp considering she only had ONE SINGLE LINE).

So to recap, CootieGirl rating: a gazillion hairballs out of a gazillion
my rating? 3 trays of lasagna out of five.

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